1) Don’t put the elderly next to the DJ Speakers. Instead put your younger guests next to the speakers and the elderly further away. The people wanting to party will be able to.
2) There are two/three vendors that are most important to your special day. While they all are important these three will either make your day or will ruin it. The first is your DJ/Entertainment. Without a good experienced professional it is possible you will not get the best experience from your entertainment! The second is photographer. Without a good photographer you will not get those jaw dropping shots for your wedding. And last is a videographer if you choose it. Most brides regret not getting a videographer for their wedding day. Also most experienced vendors work with the other vendors to ensure your day goes amazing and your dreams come true.
3) Let your DJ help with your floor plan. These professionals not only have been doing many weddings but they know the best positioning for the best audio flow and will ensure your event is set up for the maximum experience especially during the entertainment portions of it.
4) Make sure to connect your vendors with each other. If you connect your vendors they can work together to ensure you have an amazing wedding day!
5) Have a flow chart/timeline for the evening. This ensures you don’t forget anything and while it may not work out to the minute it will keep things moving. Get your vendors involved to help especially your dj!
6) Lastly hire vendors you trust. This is one of the most important days of your adult life! Regardless of how much you spend make sure you hire someone you trust, understands what you like/don’t like, and can help make your reception a success!