Importance of hiring a professional DJ for your wedding.


There are many reasons you should hire a professional for your wedding and not the more budget friendly option.  I will be going over these reasons shortly but before i do you should always remember to choose a dj that fits your personality and style first.  There is no reason with the amount of wedding professionals out there that you cannot find one that doesn’t fit your style and needs for the most important day of your life.

  1. A professional wedding dj will be insured.  – We do not want to think bad things could happen at the most special day of our adult lives but it is always good to be prepared.  If there is fault with the DJ’s equipment setup and it damages other items or the venue or injures one of your guest and they do not have insurance you will be stuck with a bunch of legal issues.  Financially it is wise to be sure that in case the worst happens all your vendors are insured.
  2. A professional wedding DJ will be invested in the importance and success of your event. – This is the most important day of your adult life.  As a professional wedding DJ myself i pride myself in focusing on even the smallest details to ensure my clients have the most amazing day of their lives.  This is crucial to you having an amazing day you will remember.  You don’t want someone who is trying to do as many gigs as they can find someone who will focus on you and your event!
  3. The DJ is responsible for 90% of the end outcome of your event.  – You are going to have an amazing day if you trust your DJ and hire a DJ that is constantly trying to better themselves and focuses all their attention on your event.  If your food is not as good as you hoped the event will go on but if your dj is horrible you will remember your special day for all the wrong reasons.
  4. A professional wedding DJ will have a backup plan and then a backup plan for their backup plan. – Things happen.  It is not a perfect world so we can’t ALWAYS expect things to happen perfectly.  Sometimes the unexpected comes up and we have to adjust for the curve that life throws at us.  Equipment fails sometimes, accidents happen, people get sick, but even if those things happen a professional will have a backup plan to ensure you are taken care of.  Personally i would have to be in a coma or dead for me to not show up at an event i am contracted to DJ.
  5. A professional wedding DJ will honor every promise.  – This goes back to the old saying Treat others how you would want to be treated.  If i make a promise to you on something we discussed.  I will write it down, add it to your event in my planning system, and make 100% sure it is there for you on your wedding day

There are many other things that will contribute to this list.  Also you have to remember most professional wedding DJs are genuinely interested in getting to know you and your fiance to bring your wedding vision to life.  They will message you on FB, Text you, Call You and email you to check in on a periodic basis to ensure everything is going well and to see if you need absolutely anything for your event.  I like to have as many meetings as i can with my brides and grooms so i can get to know them and personalize their wedding to them and make it as unique as they are.


That is the real key of a wedding DJ.  There are alot of DJ’s out there that do weddings that do the same thing at every wedding they do.  And while this works for alot of people and doesn’t disappoint their clients the truth is their clients deserve so much more of their own personality in their wedding instead of having a “cookie cutter wedding”.  Every bride and groom deserve a wedding that is unique and ends when it isn’t supposed to, meaning at the end of the allotted performance time if you are leaving begging for more that is what memories are made of.  It is important as a wedding professional to strive to be at a higher standard than any other events because with weddings there are no do overs, no mulligans, and no second chances, once it is ruined it is ruined.  This is crucial to understanding because once you do understand this you will give amazing things to all your clients with the value provided.  My goal for my clients is to bring their wedding vision to life and to walk with them and work with them to make that happen!


I know this is alot of information at once and i am here to answer any questions anyone may have regardless of if you book me as your wedding entertainment specialist or not.  Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or you can email me at