img_4113 img_4115 img_4114 img_4108 img_4109 img_4110 img_4111 img_4112 img_4107 img_4105 img_4104 img_4103 img_4102 img_4097 img_4098 img_4099 img_4100 img_4101 img_4096 img_4095 img_4094 img_4093 img_4092 img_4087 img_4088 img_4089 img_4090 img_4091 img_4086 img_4085 img_4084 img_4083Jewell DJ Solutions was in Anderson IN yesterday to help Brock and Rachel celebrate their special day! While the rain caused us to reevaluate the party it was still a blast the whole night and we kept having fun! Thank you guys for letting me be a crucial part of your day!